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Drive Like Biden? Guy Says He's Selling Vice President's Caddy

A Delaware man says Vice President Joe Biden and him shared a car and now he's selling



    A Delaware native says he's selling Vice President Joe Biden's old Cadillac. (Published Wednesday, April 16, 2014)

    If you want to ride like a Vice President, a Delaware man says he’s got just the car for you.

    Jeff Finkle is selling a 2005 Cadillac STS on Craigslist, which he said was leased by Vice President Joe Biden from 2005 to 2008. The 23-year-old tells he purchased the luxury car in 2008, his senior year of high school, and realized it belonged to Biden when he was setting up the Bluetooth phone connection.

    “When I was going through the Bluetooth and recognized the names. It had Jill’s number, his two sons Beau and Hunter. It had Philadelphia numbers, Wilmington numbers,” he said on Wednesday.

    Finkle said he then checked the warranty information and called the dealership where the car was originally leased – both of which confirmed that it was Biden’s car. Finkle said he never called any of the numbers stored in the car, worried about what might happen.

    “At that point, I was scared to touch any of them because if a call went through, I thought I would get in trouble because he was the Vice President,” he said.

    A few months after his inquiries about the vehicle’s past, Finkle said the numbers disappeared from the car’s touchscreen computer.

    A report on the car’s history does not show the name of the owners, but does list that it was previously registered as a commercial vehicle.

    A spokeswoman for the vice president said they had “no comment” on the car. Calls to the dealerships where the cars were sold were not returned.

    Finkle, who recently moved to South Carolina, says he figured highlighting the alleged Biden connection to the car would help the sale. He's offering the car for $15,000.

    As for why he’s selling, he says it’s politics.

    “Since now I’m in The South, driving around in Joe Biden’s car wouldn’t be the best thing with all the Republicans.”

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