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    NEWSLETTERS Shuts Down Amidst Lawsuit
    AP Images flashed up a message Thursday night that they would shut down until further notice.

    The controversial Web site accused of being a forum for racism among some Philadelphia Police officers was shut down Thursday night as threats against some of the people accusing that site of racism were being investigated.'s homepage read: "Until further notice, all services (i.e. forums, galleries, blogs) have been suspended. Thank you. McQ"

    That message was from the same McQ who was at the center of the lawsuit against the Philadelphia Police Department.

    That lawsuit put racism among members of Philadelphia's finest on the forefront.  And the people who accused the police department of wrongdoing were claiming that they were being threatened.

    Police were investigating threats directed at the president of a group of black Philadelphia police officers.

    Guardian Civic LeaguePresident Rochelle Bilal became the target of threats after her organization filed a lawsuit over an Internet discussion forum. The league maintains in its lawsuit filed last week that hundreds of racist messages were posted on and that the Web site created a hostile work environment for black officers.

    Bilal was assigned officers to guard her while the investigation was conducted.

    Police need to "determine if the threat requires any further police action," said police spokesman Lt. Frank Venore.

    The case (unlike remains open as the investigators looked into the allegations.