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Clear the Shelters

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Dog Loses Favorite Teddy Bear, But Gets Lucky With Rescue



    Dog Loses Favorite Teddy Bear, But Gets Lucky With Rescue
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    Things weren't looking good for Needy, a loving 1-year-old mixed-breed dog who'd been living in a packed Philly-area animal shelter since November.

    Even Needy's favorite toy, a teddy bear, was taken away from the dog. But just as Needy was running out of time in the crowded shelter, a rescue saved him just in the nick of time. Diamonds in the Ruff Rescue Team stepped in, rescuing the dog, whom they renamed Fozzie Bear.

    Erica, who works with Diamonds in the Ruff Rescue, said that right before taking the pup from the shelter, the team had recently rescued another dog, Kermit, who passed away from health problems. So, to honor Kermit, they renamed Needy, “since Fozzie was Kermit’s best friend.”

    Erica says Fozzie is adjusting well.

    “He was a little bit shy in the beginning but now he is really opening up and really being sweet,” Erica said. "He got a new bone yesterday so he’s very happy.”

    As for Fozzie's favorite teddy bear, Erica says the team posted about Fozzie needing one and received an outpouring of donations.

    “Tons of people donated teddy bears, he’s going to have so many,” she said.

    Now, people from all over the country have reached out to Diamonds in the Ruff about adopting Fozzie. Erica says each person was given an application, and the rescue league will carefully evaluate which home Fozzie would work best in. But first, he needs to be neutered and evaluated. This process could range anywhere from two weeks to a month.

    “He’s doing so well,” Erica said. “He’s so happy, he can’t stop wagging his tail!”

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