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Pennsylvania Lawmakers Advance 'Dismemberment Abortion' Ban

Abortion limits advance in Pennsylvania State House in party line vote



    Pennsylvania Lawmakers Advance 'Dismemberment Abortion' Ban
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    Republicans are advancing a ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, supplying all the votes to move it out of committee.

    The state House Health Committee voted 16 to 10 Monday for Senate-passed legislation that also would restrict how most second-trimester abortions are performed.

    Pennsylvania law currently allows abortions during the first 24 weeks of pregnancy.

    The proposal would generally prohibit dilation and evacuation abortions, termed in the legislation as "dismemberment abortion."

    The bill would allow exceptions when the mother's life is at risk, or if she could suffer a serious, permanent injury.

    It doesn't provide exceptions for rape or incest.

    Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf says he intends to veto the measure if it's passed by the Republican-controlled Legislature.