Police Confiscate 25 ATVs and Dirt Bikes, 6 Cars and Arrest 2 During Citywide Crackdown - NBC 10 Philadelphia
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Police Confiscate 25 ATVs and Dirt Bikes, 6 Cars and Arrest 2 During Citywide Crackdown

Police seized several ATVs and cars used for drag racing during an all-day initiative Sunday. (Published Monday, Oct. 26, 2015)

Philadelphia Police confiscated 25 ATVs and dirt bikes as well as six cars during a citywide crackdown that resulted in two arrests and three citations Sunday.

Philadelphia Police Capt. George Kappe made the announcement during a press conference Sunday afternoon. Kappe said it was part of an ongoing initiative from the police to crack down on ATV and dirt bike riders on city streets.

“This is an ongoing initiative that the Philadelphia Police Department has been undertaking for quite some time,” Kappe said.

Kappe also said police focused on drag racing, citing three people who were allegedly involved and impounding six cars. Two dirt bike riders were also arrested after police determined they were riding stolen vehicles.

During the press conference, Kappe referenced several accidents earlier in the year involving ATVs and drag racing.

“We only have to look back a couple months ago where several people lost their lives in a drag racing incident up in Northeast Philadelphia,” he said. “Before that in April of this year a male lost his life driving his ATV. And then in West Philadelphia a teenager was seriously injured when two ATVs, one he was driving on, collided.”

Kappe also spoke directly to those who continue to ride ATVs and dirt bikes or participate in drag racing.

“Your ATVs, your bikes and your cars are going to be confiscated,” he said. “For the dirt bikes and ATV, you’re not getting them back.”

While Kappe said the owners of drag racing cars will have a chance to get their vehicles back he also said they could face hundreds of dollars in fines.