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Delco Man Beaten by Teens Say Police

Victim recovering from savage beating



    Man Allegedly Beaten By Teens

    Five teens are in custody and more arrests are expected in the savage beating of a man in Folcroft, Delaware County. The 31 year old man was checking on smoke in the woods near his home and discovered the teens drinking around a campfire. Police say the teens brutally beat him and left him in the woods. A neighbor called 911. (Published Wednesday, April 4, 2012)

    A Folcroft man is recovering Wednesday after what police are calling a brutal beating. 

    Investigators say a group of teens attacked the 31-year old victim Saturday night, after he noticed smoke coming from the woods near his home on the 700-block of Windsor Circle. 

    According to police, he went to see what was going on and  was jumped by the teens who’d been drinking.

    “This guy’s trying to help, he’s minding his own business, having a cigarette, wants to see what’s burning back there and this is the price he pays” said Folcroft police chief Robert Ruskowski.

    Neighbors called for help.

    “He had a hoodie on, he was covered in blood, his one eye was almost swollen shut” Danielle Lauria told NBC10.

    According to investigators, the victim has suffered several broken bones and a possible stab wound

    Five teens are in custody. They range in age from 14 to 17 and are charged with aggravated assault. The police chief says he wants to try them as adults.