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Delaware House Holds Off on Indoor E-Cigarettes Ban Vote



    Delaware Debating Indoor E-Cig Ban

    The Delaware House of Representatives is debating the inclusion of e-cigarettes in a bill that bans smoking inside bars, restaurants and other public places. (Published Thursday, April 30, 2015)

    The state House has postponed a vote on legislation adding electronic cigarettes to Delaware's indoor smoking ban.

    The bill adds electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes or digital cigarettes, to the existing prohibition on smoking in restaurants, bars and other public places.

    Conflicting amendments to exempt businesses that sell electronic cigarettes from the ban forced the postponement of Thursday's scheduled vote until next week.

    Electronic cigarettes, which do not contain tobacco and are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, heat liquid nicotine into an inhalable vapor.

    Bill sponsor Debra Heffernan, a Wilmington Democrat and environmental toxicologist, says e-cigarette emissions contain nicotine and other harmful chemicals, including chromium and nickel.

    Three states, North Dakota, Utah and New Jersey, prohibit smoking e-cigarettes indoors, while many others prohibit sales to minors.