Deadline: Pennsylvania Lawmakers Either Produce New Congressional Map, Or Supreme Court Will

Deadline Arrives for New Pennsylvania Congressional Map NBC10 - Bruce Ryan

As a court-ordered deadline looms Friday, it's unclear whether Pennsylvania lawmakers will produce a replacement for the 6-year-old congressional district map thrown out last month.

A spokesman for Republican House Speaker Mike Turzai said Thursday that lawyers were studying court opinions issued a day earlier that explained the rationale behind the state Supreme Court's Jan. 22 decision.

Turzai spokesman Neal Lesher says all options are being discussed. Republican lawmakers may seek a delay of Friday's deadline. They are discussing possibly signing a document containing proposed new boundaries and giving it to Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf, without holding votes.

Some, however, read the court opinion as requiring legislation to be passed by both chambers.

If legislators send Wolf something he supports, he'll have until Feb. 15 to inform the court.