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DWI Charge Dropped Against NJ Assemblyman



    DWI Charge Dropped Against NJ Assemblyman
    "I knew from the moment that this officer stopped me that he was lying to me," said Moriarty. "He lied to me about why he stopped me. He was lying to me about smelling alcohol on my breath because I hadn’t consumed any alcohol."

    Prosecutors have dropped a drunken driving charge against a New Jersey politician less than two weeks after the police officer who filed it was indicted and accused of making a bogus arrest.
    The Gloucester County Prosecutor's office said Tuesday that it was legally compelled to drop drunken driving and two other moving violations against Assemblyman Paul Moriarty.
    A judge agreed to drop the charge.
    Moriarty maintained his innocence after being charged on July 31, 2012.
    The lawmaker said he had not had anything to drink and eventually used a video from the police officer's in-car camera to show he didn't breaking any motor vehicle laws. He later filed charges against Washington Township Patrolman Joseph DiBuonaventura.
    The officer is on unpaid leave from the department. He was indicted May 1.

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