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DNA Sample Taken From Son of Del. Courthouse Shooter



    DNA Sample Taken From Son of Del. Courthouse Shooter
    David Matusiewicz

    Investigators have taken a DNA sample from a man whose father killed two women at a Delaware courthouse before taking his own life.

    Delaware State Police spokesman Sgt. Paul Shavack confirmed that a DNA sample was taken Wednesday from 46-year-old David Matusiewicz.

    Matusiewicz was sentenced last week to six months in federal prison for violating probation on kidnapping and fraud charges.

    Those charges stemmed from the 2007 abduction of his three young daughters in a bitter custody dispute with his ex-wife.

    Shavack refused to say whether investigators believe Matusiewicz was involved in the Feb. 11 shooting. Matusiewicz's father killed Matusiewicz's ex-wife and a friend right before a scheduled child support hearing. Thomas had made the drive up from Texas, with his wife, Lenore, to support their son for the hearing.

    After David Matusiewicz had gone through the metal detectors and into another area of the courthouse, Thomas opened fire in the lobby, killing his former daughter-in-law, Christine Belford, and her neighbor and friend, Laura Mulford.

    Matusiewicz told his family that Delaware officials apparently are trying to build a case against him.

    David Matusiewicz spent time in prison for kidnapping the couple's three daughters in 2007. He told his ex-wife at the time that he was taking them to Disney World. Instead, he and his mother took the girls, who were 5, 4 and two-years-old,  to Nicaragua where David and the girls hid out for 18 months.