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Watchdog Group Looks for Corruption in NJ

NBC10 partners with watchdog organization for NJ investigations.



    NBC10 and the non-profit "New Jersey Watchdog" website partner up for investigations. The first looks at how NJ cops "clean up" on disability pensions. (Published Friday, Feb. 1, 2013)

    A new partnership between NBC10 and the New Jersey Watchdog website -- a non-profit that specializes in investigative journalism in the Garden State.

    The first NJ Watchdog investigation in the partnership uncovered a police officer accused of misusing the disability program.

    When people retire on disability pensions, it's presumed they can no longer perform their job due to a debilitating physical or mental injury.

    But, that doesn't appear to be the case with a former New Jersey cop.

    “I suffer from crime scene flashbacks and hallucinations due to all the years I served as a crime scene detective,” stated Timothy Carroll in his disability application.

    The real shock is Carroll then started a business that cleans up gory crime scenes, according to the watchdog group. Yet the state continues to pay him a disability pension for life, a sum that could total $1 million or more.

    Continue to check out NJ Watchdog to see future investigations.