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Couple Caught on Cam Smoking Crack at School: Cops

A security camera caught two people smoking crack on the bleachers at Beverly Hills Middle School in Upper Darby, according to police.



    Couple Caught on Cam Smoking Crack at School: Cops
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    Two people in Upper Darby were allegedly smoking crack on a middle school's bleachers.

    Two people were arrested Wednesday after they were allegedly caught smoking crack on camera by a middle school security guard, according to the Delaware County Daily Times.

    Police told the Daily Times that Thomas Payne, Jr., 30 and Jennifer Smith, 29, were arrested just before 2 p.m. for smoking crack on the bleachers of Beverly Hills Middle School on Garrett Road in Upper Darby.

    The paper reports that Payne and Smith were caught on the school's security camera using the drugs. A security officer then approached the couple, who he says quickly threw the drugs and paraphernalia under the bleachers.

    The guard contacted police. They arrested the duo and recovered steel wool and a pipe. Police also found a baggie containing a white substance, according to the Delco Times.

    "It's unconscionable to go onto a school athletic field and smoke crack," Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood told the paper.

    The couple is facing multiple charged including drug possession.