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Couple Accused of Robbing Men After Setting Up Dates on Facebook



    A Philadelphia couple is accused of luring men on dates and then putting a gun in their back. (Published Saturday, Aug. 9, 2014)

    A Philadelphia couple is behind bars after they allegedly set up dates with several men on Facebook and then robbed the unsuspecting victims.

    Tyreese Gibson, 26, and Mariah Harris, 27, were both arrested on Thursday. Police say the couple, who have three children together, used Facebook to scam their victims into believing they were meeting women for dates.

    According to police, the victims first met Harris online before deciding to meet with her on the 200 block of South Allison Street. Once they arrived, Gibson allegedly approached them from behind with a gun before stealing their cell phones and cash.

    “Each time he came up behind the victims,” said Philadelphia Police lieutenant John Walker. “The victims are not paying attention because they think they’re going there to meet a woman. The next thing they know they’ve got a gun stuck to their back.”

    Police say Gibson and Harris robbed at least three men that they lured to South Allison Street in a three week span. During one incident, Gibson allegedly robbed a man of his legally owned and loaded .40 caliber gun.

    Aside from the latest robbery charges, both suspects have a criminal record, according to investigators. Police say Gibson was previously charged with robbery, aggravated assault, drug offenses and sexual assault while Harris was previously charged with aggravated assault.

    While police confirmed the three robberies, they also say Gibson and Harris may have targeted other men as well. They urge all victims to come forward.