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Corbett Pledges Funds for Pa. Universities

Pa. Governor promises to keep funding levels the same for state universities



    Corbett Pledges Funds for Pa. Universities
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    Pa. Gov. Tom Corbett wants to keep funding level for state universities.

    Governor Tom Corbett says he won't seek another funding cut for state-supported universities, but also says he has a commitment from them to keep tuition growth as low as possible.

    Corbett's Friday comments come four days before he unveils his budget plan for the 2013-14 fiscal year that begins July 1. He appeared at a news conference with leaders of Temple, Pitt, Penn State, Lincoln and the 14 state-owned universities.
    The state remains under significant cost pressures, however, and early projections for tax collections suggest that spending cuts in some programs may be necessary.
    Including aid to community colleges and student tuition grants through the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency, the state provides more than $1.5 billion for higher education. That's down from almost $1.9 billion two years ago.