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Controversial Officer in YouTube Videos Under Investigation



    A Philadelphia Police Officer is now under investigation in relation to two videos that were posted on line. Watch both videos of Officer Philip Nace. (Published Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013)

    A Philadelphia Police Officer is now under investigation after controversial videos of him on patrol surfaced on the Internet.

    On September 30, a cell phone video was posted on YouTube showing Officer Philip Nace and his partner approach two unidentified men walking down the street. Nace, a 7-year veteran of the force, and his partner immediately fire questions at the men, asking them for their identifications and whether they knew the man who they were just talking to.

    The two officers then begin to frisk the two men.

    “You got anything on you?” Nace asked.

    Philly Police Officer Under Investigation

    [PHI] Philly Police Officer Under Investigation
    A Philadelphia Police officer is under investigation. Two videos have surfaced that may indicate misconduct. NBC10's Daralen Jones has the story.
    (Published Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013)

    “Hold on, hold on,” replied the man. “I didn’t say you could search me sir.”

    "I’m not asking for your consent!” Nace replied.

    “But I didn’t do anything!” the man replied.

    “Because I just told you to!” Nace said. “Don’t play though, you’ll be on the same block as him! We’ll kick your (explicit) too!”

    The man who posted the video claimed the incident took place on September 27. He also claimed it was a clear example of unlawful police harassment and racial profiling.

    As the original video quickly went viral, another video was posted showing Officer Nace jumping out of his police car and knocking over a basketball hoop in North Philadelphia.

    NBC10 also learned several complaints were made against Nace throughout his career.

    A source tells NBC10 Nace was accused of physical and verbal abuse during a stop in 2010. In 2011, another complainant accused Nace of verbal abuse. Earlier this year, a complainant accused Nace of planting drugs on him. Also this year, another complainant claimed Nace failed to provide proper help after he responded to a domestic violence call.

    Internal Affairs is currently investigating Nace and his unidentified partner in relation to the two YouTube videos. Nace is still on the job but has been assigned to desk duty. His partner however is still patrolling the streets because officials say Nace’s actions are far more flagrant in the video.

    “People have to remember officers are human beings,” said Philadelphia Police Lieutenant John Stanford. “It’s just like any other profession. You have some folks who don’t do things the way they’re supposed to.