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Construction Project Causes Headache for Center City Residents



    The Center City District is asking for donations to cover the project overrun costs at Dilworth Plaza. The construction process may take 2-3 months longer than expected. (Published Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013)

    The newly renovated Dilworth Plaza is expected to drastically improve the look and feel of Center City. But as the construction for the $55 million project continues, right now it’s nothing but an inconvenience for many local residents.

    "It's an eyesore," said Courtney Brown.

    “It’s taking a really long time,” said William Martinez.

    “It’s inconvenient for a lot of people,” said Evon Davis.

    The construction project on the plaza, located on 15th and Market Streets on the West Side of city hall, is currently two to three months behind scheduled and $5.5 million over budget. Paul Levy, president of the Center City District, says the issues were caused by trouble underground.

    Credit: CCD Philadelphia

    “We hit pipes and sewer lines that weren’t on the drawing boards,’ he said.

    The city, state and federal governments are picking up the majority of the bill for the reconstruction project while private donors are handling the remaining $15 million. Levy also says he’s relying on the private sector to cover the cost overruns.

    “We’re building and actively fundraising so we will have all of the money in place to pay for all the cost,” Levy said. “We will not be asking taxpayers for any more money.”

    The newly renovated plaza, set to open next year, will include a public space for 400 benches and chairs, la large lawn, tree groves and a fountain.

    For now though, residents will have to deal with the constant construction while looking forward to completion of the future tourist destination.

    “I think it’s really going to be nice,” Davis said. “Hopefully it will bring tourists to City Hall.”

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