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Condemned Home Causes Big Stink for Family

An Overbook family tells NBC10 they’re fed up with a condemned home causing a big stink on their block.



    Neighbors Enraged About Condemned Home

    A family is still living in condemned home on the 1600 block of North 61st Street. The owners of a neighboring row home say they are not getting the answers they want from the city so they called NBC10's Lu Ann Cahn to investigate. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2012)

    An Overbook family tells NBC10 they’re fed up with a condemned home causing a big stink on their block.

    The Goodson family says their neighboring row home on North 61st Street is a source of constant worry.

    “The worst part of it is the garbage,” said Ruth Goodson.

    “We’ve smelled human waste in the trash can,” said Ruth’s daughter Marina Kee. “It’s just unfair.”

    “We’ve called the police department and we’ve called L&I,” said Ruth’s son, Mark Goodson.

    License and Inspections confirmed there have been eight cases against the owner of the home since 2003 for garbage, roof, drainage, weeds and window violations. But the Goodson family says they haven’t received any help and called NBC10 out of desperation.

    On August 15, NBC10 knocked on the door of the home and was greeted by a man who did not identify himself.

    “We don’t really have time,” said the man.

    “You don’t have time to clean it up?” asked NBC10.

    “Yeah of course,” said the man. “But I mean, right after we’re done with what we have to do.”

    NBC10 learned a family of five lives inside the home and the owner let relatives move in. NBC10 called City Hall. Two days later, police, L&I, Victim’s Assistance Officers and an aide to Councilman Curtis Jones began to investigate.

    As of Wednesday however, the family and the mess remain. No one came to the door when NBC10 returned to the house. L&I tells NBC10 it’s a complicated and sad situation, claiming the family living inside the home has nowhere to go. The Goodson family tells NBC10 they have nowhere to go either.

    “Do you feel like anything’s happening?” asked NBC10.

    “No, no, no,” replied Ruth.

    In the midst of a tough economy, the situation for both the Goodson family as well as the family living in the condemned home is not a unique one. NBC10 will continue to press City Hall for answers regarding why nothing has been done.