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Close Encounter With Swimming Black Bear Caught on Tape

Local family tubing on the Delaware shares the water with black bear



    Swimming Bear Caught on Camera Crossing the Delaware

    The Johnson family has a close encounter with a swimming bear in the Delaware River near Frenchtown, N.J. (Published Monday, Aug. 23, 2010)

    The Johnson family has had many brushes with nature while boating and tubing on the Delaware River, but a recent encounter was a bit more dangerous than most: A black bear swimming close by.

    “I saw the bear walking into the water and at first we thought it was a dog,” Alyssa Johnson told NBC Philadelphia.

    The Johnsons were pulling their daughters and friends in tubes behind their boat this past weekend when they spotted the black bear swimming a little too close for comfort.

    About 20 yards away, the bear swam his way from the New Jersey side all the way to the Pennsylvania bank while Wayne and Kim Johnson were towing their daughters behind the boat.

    “I was afraid at first but then I realized that it was so dedicated to getting to the other side that it wasn’t going to do anything to us,” said 15-year-old Sarah, who was still in the water while the bear swam.

    The Johnsons grabbed their video camera and shot the whole scene – finishing with the local predator climbing onto the dry land of Pennsylvania.