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Clerk's Murder: Vicious and Cold-Blooded



    Suspect in Clerk Murder Remains on the Loose

    The suspect in the murder of a Fishtown store clerk has a long criminal history. (Published Friday, May 27, 2011)

    Mustafa Shakur had both hands in the air and was backing away from two gunmen when one pulled the trigger. Twice.

    "It was a very vicious and cold-blooded killing," Philadelphia police Capt. James Clark said Friday.

    Police say Quasheam Richburg is the man who shot Shakur in the head, at close range, killing the husband and father instantly.

    Shakur, 50, was working the overnight shift at Trax Foods in Fishtown early Thursday.Surveillance video shows the gunmen coming into the store and demanding money.

    Clerk's Murder Suspect Cold-Blooded Killer: Cops

    [PHI] Clerk's Murder Suspect Cold-Blooded Killer: Cops
    Quasheam Richburg, 20, is accused of killing Mustafa Shakur during an attempted robbery at the Fishtown convenience store where Shakur worked.
    (Published Friday, May 27, 2011)

    "The employee puts his hands up, he's actually backing away from them. The only thing he says is, 'I'm not gonna open up the register,' and with that he fires two shots from the sawed-off shotgun at a close range," Clark said.

    Good detective work and tips from people who'd seen the video, helped police identify Richburg, according to Clark.

    "In most murders or crimes, someone knows who did it. And it's always helpful when they come forward."

    Surveillance Video Released in Clerk's Murder

    [PHI] Surveillance Video Released in Clerk's Murder
    Surveillance video shows the suspects in the murder of a store clerk in Philadelphia's West Kensington. The victim, Mustafa Shakur, was also a peace activist in the neighborhood.
    (Published Friday, May 27, 2011)

    Now they hope people will help them find Richburg, who is considered armed and dangerous.

    Richburg, 20, has a history of violent crime arrests, according to court records. The most recent was in early April and he didn't show up for his May 10 arraignment, police said. They also have leads on the second gunman, but not enough information to put out an arrest warrant.

    Trax Foods was open again for business on Friday, but no longer open 24 hours.