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City Council Approves Use of Advertising on City Property



    City Council Approves Use of Advertising on City Property

    Philadelphia City Council approved the use of advertising on municipal property yesterday with a unanimous vote to amend the city's zoning and planning code. 

    "I'd love to see these trash trucks with trash bag wraps on them," said City Council President Darrell Clarke. The financial impact could be a big net positive for the city. "When you are talking to different potential vendors, they talk anywhere upwards of 10, 20, 30 million."

    Clarke stated it depends on the amount of municipal property made available, and the contracts associated with the advertising. "There are some possibilites of getting up front dollars," he said. 

    "I think it's a great idea for the City of Philadelphia. I'm suprised it took this long to get approved," said Steve O'Connell of Red Tettemer, a local advertising agency. O'Connell made note of the revenue potential.

    "When ads are done beautifully they can enhance the cityscapes. It will be interesting to see how this turns into real life practice."

    According to Clarke's spokeswoman Jane Roh, Clarke has worked to get the legislation passed for the past year and half. "The ball is in the administration's court now. It's a no-brainer. It's non-tax generating revenue," said Roh.  

    Rho said Council's approval of the measure would require additional work-- establishing a commission to see what city property would be appropriate for advertising.

    Council voted 15-0 to approve the amendment. Councilwoman Marian Tasco was not present and Council Bill Green abstained. The amendment was first introduced on Feb. 14.