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Adults Shot Kids With BB Guns, Forced Sex: Police



    Children Sexually Abused, Shot With BBs: Police

    Police in Darby Borough, arrested five adults for allegedly abusing five children. Police say the offenses include sexual abuse, punching, slapping and being shot several times with a BB gun. NBC10's Nefertiti Jaquez talked to Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan and has reaction from neighbors. (Published Saturday, Nov. 15, 2014)

    Five adults are in custody in a Pennsylvania child abuse case involving sexual acts performed on a 2-year-old and children being shot with BB guns.

    Investigators say that children in a Darby home this spring were punched, slapped, thrown over a banister and shot repeatedly with BB guns.

    The defendants include three men and two women.

    The police affidavit says one of the women was forced to perform sex acts on a 2-year-old boy.

    Child-Abuse Investigation in Darby

    [PHI] Child-Abuse Investigation in Darby
    Five adults, including two mothers, face child-abuse allegations.
    (Published Friday, Nov. 14, 2014)

    The children also witnessed sex acts between some of the defendants.

    Delaware County court documents show that the investigation began in June.

    The two women accused are mothers of the five children.

    The charges vary from corruption of minors to involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child.

    It's not immediately clear if any defendants have lawyers.