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Men Shoot Up Parked Cars: Police



    Wanted: Random Car Shooter

    NBC10's Matt DeLucia reports from North Philadelphia where police are still looking for one suspect who was allegedly shooting random cars on 13th Street. (Published Friday, March 7, 2014)

    Several residents in one city neighborhood were left picking up the pieces after gunfire erupted overnight leaving several cars damaged.

    Nearly two dozen shots rang out shortly before midnight along the 2900 block of N 13th Street in North Philadelphia -- that’s a couple of blocks from SEPTA’s and Amtrak’s North Philadelphia train station.

    Two officers patrolling the area after recent gun violence spotted two men firing in the general direction of their vehicle, according to Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

    “It appeared from what they heard and the muzzle flash that these individuals were shooting… towards the police vehicle,” said Small.

    Police immediately responded and were able to nab one of the alleged shooters about two blocks away. That 19-year-old was taken in for question.

    Amazingly no one appeared to be hurt.

    “We know that at least 21 shots were fired form semi-automatic guns,” said Small. “Police also recovered two semi-automatic handguns both of which were under two separate cars.”

    A woman parking her van at the time left her van running and ran from the scene after two bullets struck her windshield. She was shaken but not injured, according to police.

    In total, six parked vehicles were struck by bullets. One car was struck nine times, according to investigators. The bullets went through that windshield and hanging air freshner.

    Police didn’t say exactly why the men were shooting. They also didn’t say if the men were shooting at each other or at another intended target.

    Small said the officers were lucky not to be struck and that the officers' quick actions got one alleged shooter and two guns off the streets.

    The search for the second alleged shooter continued Friday morning.