'Okay Cam, Pay Attention': 7-Year-Old Girl Explains Routes to Newton

NBC10 spoke with a young girl from our area who received national attention for her response to Cam Newton's sexist comment.

(Published Sunday, Oct. 8, 2017)

Listen up, Cam Newton, because Reese is only going to say this once.

Seven-year-old Reese took to her dad’s Twitter to explain some routes to Newton, who received criticism after telling a female reporter it was “funny” to hear her talking about routes.

“This is a corner route,” Reese started, holding a picture of what the route looks like. “This is a slant route. This is a post, up and over.”

Newton made the controversial comment to female reporter Jourdan Rodrigue and has since apologized in a video.

Reese’s dad, Eric, says he posted the video of his daughter to prove females can understand football routes, adding that it annoys him when people discount female knowledge of the game. Eric, an Eagles season ticket holder, said he even learned the game from his mom.

Reese, donning an Eagles jersey, left off with one more message for Newton: “If you forget any of these, the Eagles are going to show you on Thursday night football.”

Editor's Note: The family asked that NBC10 not use their last name.