400-Pound Butter White House in Montco

Sculptors build a White House replica from Président Butter at JVMP Studio in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania on Nov. 4, 2016. Kerryn McDonough

A French dairy brand got some sculptors to butter people up days before Election Day in Montgomery County.

Sculptors began sculpting a replica of the White House with 400 pounds of (appropriately-named) Président Butter on Tuesday. Although the final product is not scheduled to be completed until Saturday, they invited people to watch the intricate carving process of the sculpture Friday.

Jim Victor and Marie Pelton, the carvers behind the project, will be sculpting the 2016 Président Butter White House from JVMP Studio in the Philadelphia suburb of Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.

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Account Executive at Wagstaff Worldwide Kerryn Mcdonough says the piece of work is a way Président Butter "gears up to welcome home a new President of the United States."

Highlights From the 2016 Campaign Trail President-elect Donald Trump gives his acceptance speech during his election night rally, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016, in New York. John Locher/AP