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Bullet Goes Through Hospital Window, Hits Patient



    Bullet Goes Through Hospital Window, Hits Patient
    A view of the Crozer-Chester Medical Center.

    Officials say a woman is in stable condition after she was hit by a bullet that came through the window of her room at a hospital just outside Philadelphia.

    It happened late Monday night at Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Upland, Delaware County, Pa.

    Hospital spokesman Grant Gegwich says the 62-year-old patient was in her room on the first floor when the bullet came through the window and hit her in the abdomen between 11:30 p.m. and midnight.

    He says the patient was taken to surgery and is in stable condition Tuesday. No one else was hurt and Gegwich says there was no damage.

    "Extremely unusual," said Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan. "Kind of shocking. I understand where people would be concerned."

    While Whelan did not reveal the type of gun that was used in the shooting, he did say that most weapons ".22 caliber and above" would be able to travel through two pieces of glass and two panes.

    Investigators believe the bullet came from the west, within a mile. The Chester Police Department received a call about shots fired at the nearby Crosby Square Apartments around the same time the hospital patient was struck. Chester residents claim there was a shootout between people in two different vehicles. Lisa Johnson says she heard what sounded like a dozen gunshots.

    "I was inside my home," she said. "I told my children to get down to brace themselves. This is a bad neighborhood. Gunshots are normal." 

    Police continue to investigate.