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Bulldog Blog: Sitting Down With Kobe Bryant



    Bulldog Blog: Sitting Down With Kobe Bryant
    Lower Merion High School Bulldog blogger, Brady McHale (L) with the school's most famous alum, Kobe Bryant.

    High school blogger Brady McHale goes one-on-one with legendary Lower Merion alum -- Kobe Bryant.

    The feeling was unbelievable. Sitting next to an basketball legend, MVP and four-time NBA champion!

    One-on-one, with Kobe Bryant. (With the exception of the dozens of cameras flashing.)

    I got the chance to interview Kobe as he came back to visit and talk with current members of the Lower Merion boys and girls basketball teams. Kobe, a former LMer, said he loved his days here and gave great advice to “always follow what you love” and went on to say “heck, it’s what I’m doing.”

    During the meeting with the basketball teams Kobe talked about his senior prom, when he brought singer Brandy as his date. As he told the story he said to one of the players, Alon Seltzer “Hey, Alon, don’t you want to ask someone a question?” As he said that the senior basketball star turned around and asked Emily Seidman to prom. She said yes.

    We'll give Kobe the assist on that one.

    Aside from the obvious basketball questions Bryant also let students in on his personal life. I asked him about the experience of going to the White House with his Lakers teammates and meeting the President. He told me, “It was so inspirational to meet someone who defied all odds.”

    Kobe added that his two little girls sold Girl Scout cookies to President Obama.

    Before I ended the interview, I thought I'd get his spin on some current day pop-culture.

    Unfortunately Kobe wasn't able to tell me who his favorite cast member of Jersey Shore was since he doesn't watch the show.

    What about his favorite song on his IPod? He responded with “I have so many I can’t even pick my favorite.”

    I also had to find out what he would be doing if he weren’t in the NBA.

    “I’d probably be a Spanish teacher here [at LM],” Kobe said.

    As we wrapped up the interview Kobe told me that I should follow my dreams and not give up. He even offered to assist me in the future.

    This was my first big interview with an A-list celebrity like Kobe. I have to say I couldn’t be happier that he was such a personable guy, which made the interview easy.