Boys Charged With Sex Assault in 2011 at School Where Abduction Took Place

Boys Charged With Sex Assault at Bryant Elementary in 2011

Monday’s abduction of a 5-year-old girl wasn’t the first alleged crime at Bryant Elementary.

In 2011, three boys were charged with sexually assaulting another student at the West Philadelphia elementary school.

The 10 and 11 year-old boys were taken into police custody and charged as juveniles with attempted rape, unlawful restraint, indecent assault and other related offenses.

Police began investigating the school in November of 2011 after a 4th grader at Bryant told his mother that three boys followed him into the restroom and assaulted him. Police believe the actual incident happened on October 24 but the victim and his mother didn’t file the report to the Special Victim's Unit until November 5.

The alleged assailants were taken to a juvenile facility.