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Bike Messengers Protest “Rise of Anti-Cycling Climate”



    Bike Messengers Protest “Rise of Anti-Cycling Climate”
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    Bikers united Monday night.

    Dozens of bike messengers protested the proposed stronger bicycle regulations for Philly at LOVE Park on Monday afternoon.

    The organization claimed the “new fines are going to discourage cycling,” according to Metro Philadelphia.

    It was June, when two new bike lanes on Spruce and Pine Street opened and the city’s tone toward bicycle riders seemed to change in a positive way.

    But that good spirit would quickly change as the city considered propsed higher fines as well as stronger violations for bikers, possibly calling for bikes to be registered and to put a ban on fixed-gear bikes, which usually don’t have brakes.

    Some bike messengers have the image to be dangerous for pedestrians and cars but that doesn't mean it's true.

    In a rush hour protest, the professional bikers repeated their message that “equal and consistent enforcement amongst cyclists, pedestrians and motorists is key,” according to

    The organization was also upset about an accident on Thanksgiving Day, where a car hit a Center City courier, which caused serious head injuries. Police didn’t file a report until 12 hours later, the Metro reported on Monday.