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Barking Collies Fix Town's Smelly Goose Problem

"Geese Chasers" gave Mount Laurel a humane way to rid itself of the messy birds



    Sadie the Border Collie has saved the township of Mount Laurel, N.J. from a messy situation. (Published Friday, Sept. 17, 2010)

    Bob Young and his Border Collie Sadie have given Mount Laurel, N.J. a kinder, gentler way to get rid of a smelly, noisy pest problem.

    With the townships parks and lawn overrun with Canada geese, forcing residents to constantly watch where they’re stepping, township officials were at a loss for what to do when it was clear killing the geese would not be publicly embraced.

    Enter Bob and Deborah Young’s “Geese Chasers.” After only a few weeks of releasing their border collies daily in the township to chase the geese away, there are no more messy quackers harassing the townspeople.

    “It’s a humane method; very natural,” said Young, president of Geese Chasers. “Bringing nature back into the mix with these purebred boarder Collies---that mimic the Arctic Fox, which is the only natural predator that a Canada Goose has!”

    Young said that the geese do not get hurt in this process.

    “Our dogs are trained to swim when it’s safe and harass the geese in the water until they fly off and leave the property,” said Young.