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Bail Violation Alleged for Daughter of Crime-Ridden Family



    Bail Violation Alleged for Daughter of Crime-Ridden Family
    Roisin O'Neill was composed going into court Wednesday, but once inside, that all changed.

    Sitting in a wheelchair, Roisin O'Neill was taken into court Wednesday, accused of violating the terms of her bail.

    O'Neill, 22, was out on bail for allegedly killing a Massachusetts grandmother with her car.

    She had a blood-alcohol level of 0.197 when she plowed into Patricia Waggoner's car along the Blue Route in September 2008. O'Neill drove the wrong way on the road for over three miles, police said.

    Now, she is accused of riding in a car full of underage kids with an open bottle of wine sitting by her feet back in April.

    Prosecutors asked for her bail to be revoked, but O'Neill's attorneys protested basing their argument around the woman's extensive medical needs following the September 2008 accident.

    In court Wednesday, O'Neill denied having wine in the car. A judge ultimately ruled on a compromise taking her into custody only on weekends.

    She is expected to plead guilty to manslaughter charges and serve time in jail, sources said.

    The O'Neill family is no stranger to the law. Roisin's brother Sean O'Neill, Jr. shot and killed one of his best friends during drunken gunplay back in 2006.

    More recently, their father Sean O'Neill, Sr. pled guilty in April to weapons, immigrations and tax fraud charges.

    O'Neill lied about his ties to an Irish Republican Army-linked youth group when he came to the United States in 1983, took part in a sham marriage to stay here and then married his wife Eileen without ever divorcing the first wife.

    He faces a maximum sentence of 146 years in prison, three years supervised release, and a $4 million fine when he is sentenced in July.