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10 Things To Do To Get Ready for Back to School



    10 Things To Do To Get Ready for Back to School

    Back to School Organization Checklist

    1) Family Calendar – Write down specific school activities on a calendar and place it in a location where the entire family can see.

    2) School Supplies – Obtain the school supplies list from your child's district. Don't forget a bookbag!

    3) Breakfast – Prepare for breakfast each morning.

    4) Homework Area – Set aside an area in your home for children to do their homework.

    5) Child Care – Confirm before and after school arrangements.

    6) Lunches – Plan for packing or buying lunch.

    7) Clothes – Does your child wear a uniform? If not, get clothes shopping done in advance, and don't forget shoes too.

    8) Travel Route – Practice walking to the bus stop and riding public transportation. Identify what time your child has to be out the door to get to school on time.

    9) School Orientation Information – Obtain the student’s schedule, back to school meeting date, vaccinations and other required information.  

    10) Check for Sales – Every student needs supplies, shoes and a haircut. Check online for sales on the items you need so your money goes further. 

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