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Baby Born on I-95

Dad was racing to get to the hospital on time



    Baby Born on I-95
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    A Life Flight Helicopter was put on standby just in case.

    State police delivered a baby girl on I-95 this weekend. It wasn't quite what they expected when they finally got a speeding SUV to pull off to the shoulder of the road by Philly International Airport.

    The driver told the trooper his wife was in labor and they were trying to get to the University of Pennsylvania Hospital in time.

    The trooper called for an ambulance and backup. Traffic was tied up because of construction zones so their backup -- Troopers Jean Altomari and Donald Foley -- beat the ambulance and so did the baby.

    Not to worry. TrooperAltomari delivered the baby girl on the front seat of the couple's SUV. During the birth, the umbilical cord was wrapped around the infant's neck and Altomari untangled the cord and the baby began crying.

    Roadside Delivery

    [PHI] Roadside Delivery
    One-day-old Elizabeth meets the Pennsylvania State Troopers who delivered her on the front seat of her parents' car along I-95.
    (Published Sunday, Aug. 9, 2009)

    Instead of racing to the hospital, other family members raced to the roadside delivery scene to be with mom, dad and baby until paramedics arrived.

    The hospital assured Pennsylvania State Police that mom and baby are "doing excellent."