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Armstrong's Former Teammate Talks to NBC10

Brian Walton says he had suspicions that Lance Armstrong was doping when they were teammate



    Lance Armstrong has had a dramatic fall from what once was thought as one of the greatest cycling careers. Brian Walton spoke to NBC10's John Clark about what it was like to Lance Armstrong's teammate. (Published Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012)

    Brian Walton, a former teammate of Lance Armstrong, talked with NBC10's John Clark about his reaction to the latest developments in the Lance Armstrong doping scandal.

    "Do I think lance was a fraud? He lied to millions and millions of people, yes, and he's fallen hard right now. He's played with the devil and now he's paying for it." said Walton.

    Armstrong announced Wednesday that he was stepping down as the chairman of his cancer-fighting charity, Livestrong. This move came a week after an anti-doping agency released evidence of drug use by the seven-time Tour de France winner.

    Walton says when the two were riding together in 1992, he had suspicions that Armstrong was doping.

    "In my heart, yes, I felt that. When you look at the numbers and the speeds and look at the facts out there. It wasn't just Lance, it was probably 80 percent of the field who was doing that," said Walton.

    Walton won a silver medal in the 1996 Olympics and is now a coach. He says he believes that cycling will make a strong comeback.

    "It can be done clean, and I wouldn't be a coach today if couldn't look my guys in the eye and tell them that it can be done clean."