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Coverage of the trial of Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell

Another Pleads Guilty to Killing Baby, Woman in Philly Abortion Case

Lynda Williams, an employee of Kermit Gosnell's "house of horrors" abortion clinic, admits to snapping a newborn's spinal cord with scissors



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    Philadelphia Police
    Lynda Williams, 42, of Wilmington, Del., was allegedly an unlicensed worker who routinely performed illegal operations and administered anesthesia. She pleaded guilty to murdering of one of the babies, as well as murder charges in the death of a woman who overdosed at the clinic.

    A woman who killed a newborn and fatally overdosed a woman at a Philadelphia abortion clinic has pleaded guilty to murder charges and agreed to testify against her employer.

    Forty-three-year-old Lynda Williams pleaded guilty Wednesday to two counts of third-degree murder. She had been charged in a disturbing grand jury report that alleged ghastly conduct at the Women's Medical Center operated by Dr. Kermit Gosnell.

    Authorities say babies born alive at Gosnell's clinic were routinely killed by having their spinal cords severed with scissors. Williams, of Wilmington, Del., was charged in one of those deaths and the fatal drug overdose of a 41-year-old pregnant refugee in 2009.

    Four of the nine other suspects charged in the case have already pleaded guilty. Gosnell has denied any wrongdoing.