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Another Brawl at School Where Worker Was Attacked



    This is the third violent incident in two weeks at John Bartram High School. (Published Thursday, April 3, 2014)

    Another violent fight broke out in the cafeteria of a Philadelphia high school less than two weeks after a brawl involving six students.

    The fight broke out during lunch on Tuesday in the cafeteria of John Bartram High School on the 2400 block of S 67th Street.

    The brawl between several students was caught on cell phone video and posted on a social media website, according to the Philadelphia School District Spokesperson Fernando Gallard. 

    Gallard said punches were thrown as dozens gathered to watch. While a male police officer tried to break the fight up between the female students, a larger brawl ensued, according to officials.

    The violent incident comes just two weeks after "a free for all" that also began in the school's cafeteria

    During that fight, the school was placed on lockdown and six students were arrested. Police say that the whole thing started over a stolen cell phone.

    The week before that, a school employee was knocked unconscious by a 17-year-old student. Police say that the worker, one of two conflict resolution specialists at the school, and the teen exchanged words prompting the student to grab the man's arm and slam him into a wall, knocking him unconscious.

    "I'm concerned as a parent," said Curtis Brown. "It's sad. It's very sad."

    Gallard tells NBC10 that nine students were suspended for Tuesday's fight.