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Another Alligator Found in Bethlehem

Police don’t know where the alligators are coming from.



    Another Alligator Found in Bethlehem
    City of Bethlehem

    Bethlehem Police captured a 3-foot-long alligator Monday, making it the second found in the area in two months, reports the Express-Times.

    Where the alligators are coming from is a mystery.

    Monday afternoon police were called to Illicks Mills Park after multiple people reported the wandering reptile. It took police about an hour to find the beast and pull it in from the water, according to the Morning Call.

    An officer using a snare eventually corralled the alligator. Authorities brought the alligator to a rehabilitation center in Saylorsburg, Pa. where it will undergo treatment for minor injuries, reports the Morning Call.

    This is the second alligator sighting in Bethlehem in the past two months. A 3-foot long gator was spotted walking alongside a road near Monocacy Creek two months ago, reports the Morning Call.

    Police believe that both gators were the fugitive pets of local residents. Under a 1997 Bethlehem ordinance, it’s unlawful to own or possess any animal that is considered fierce or dangerous to the public, according to the Morning Call.