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Amish Man Arrested for Drunken Buggy Driving

Off-duty cop a “witness” to Amish man asleep at the reins



    Amish Man Arrested for Drunken Buggy Driving
    A horse and buggy take an Amish family back to their home in Mayfield, Ky., Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2009. Hundreds of thousands of people in Kentucky have been without electricity since the killer storm hit more than a week ago, and some spots may not get power back for weeks. But Kentucky's Amish have been living that way all their lives. And when the disaster struck, they generously lent a hand to their non-Amish neighbors and showed them how it's done. (AP Photo/Michael Dann)

    An Amish man was arrested for drunken buggy driving Sunday.

    Police found 22-year-old Elmer Stolzfoos Fisher of Paradise, Pa., asleep at the reins while his horse continued to stroll down the road pulling the inebriated man and carriage, reports

    Fisher blew a 0.18 on a breathalyzer — more than twice the legal limit – after an off-duty policeman drove up behind the slow-moving buggy that was straddling the center line of North Ronks Road.

    Off-duty Quarryville police officer Jesse Blank surmised that something was wrong and stopped his car. His passenger, Nate Perry, walked up to the wandering buggy, stopped the horse and saw Fisher sleeping. He banged on the vehicles’ door until Fisher woke up, reeking of alcohol.

    East Lampeter Township police arrested Fisher on charges of driving under the influence.