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Alleged Stalker Proposes Sex, Follows Victim to Wawa



    Alleged Stalker Proposes Sex, Follows Victim to Wawa
    Police charged 25-year-old Scott Andrew Rosenberg for stalking and harassment.

    A Chester County man allegedly followed a woman for 21 miles, intentionally rammed into her car and proposed group sex before the victim was able to elude him.

    Police charged 25-year-old Scott Andrew Rosenberg of Nutt Road in Phoenixville with stalking and harassment following the January 3 incident.

    The investigation proved complicated as the suspect was driving a silver sedan registered to his identical twin brother, according to police.

    The victim told authorities she stopped at the Wawa at 2 E. Rhodes Ave. in West Goshen Township on her way to work when she noticed another vehicle entered the convenience store's parking lot closely behind her.

    As the two entered the store, the suspect apologized to the victim for his driving and struck up a casual conversation about the weather, according to police.

    Officials say Rosenberg continued to say he was sorry and, when she approached the register to make her purchase, insisted on paying.

    Both the victim and the suspect headed to their vehicles outside, where Rosenberg repeatedly asked her for her phone number, according to officers.

    Investigators say she declined, telling him she was married, but that didn't deter Rosenberg.

    He suggested various sexual relationships while blocking the driver side door from closing as she sat in her car, authorities say.

    Officers say Rosenberg continued to elaborate about his sexual endeavors and offered his phone number since she refused to provide her own.

    The victim, who was becoming increasingly alarmed, accepted in hopes that it would end the incident, police say. 

    At that point, she left the parking lot and began driving north on Route 202, which was covered in snow due to the recent inclement weather.

    Again she noticed the suspect's sedan traveling behind her as she approached the intersection of Route 202 and Route 422, so she changed course and headed to another Wawa, according to officials.

    The victim told police as she waited in the turning lane at the intersection of South Trooper Road and the Boulevard of the Generals in Norristown, his vehicle came to a complete stop behind her.

    Rosenberg then purposely rear-ended her car, causing the victim to fear for her life, according to authorities.

    Police say she parked directly in front of the Wawa on Trooper Road and watched as Rosenberg parked and went inside.

    The victim seized the opportunity to flee, driving past the suspect's vehicle to collect his license plate number on her way.

    Initially Rosenberg denied he was at either Wawa.

    He eventually admitted to investigators he spoke to the victim at the East Rhodes Avenue store, but refused to say he committed any of her other allegations.

    Video surveillance from both Wawas puts Rosenberg at the scene of the crime, according to police.

    Authorities are asking for anyone with knowledge of similar incidents to contact the West Goshen Township Police.