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Ad Exec Offers Drugs for Stolen Laptop

Posters say that whoever returns the laptop will receive a "fabulous drug stash"



    Ad Exec Offers Drugs for Stolen Laptop

    Ad Executive Kurt Shore devises a rather unique plan to get back his stolen laptop. (Published Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2010)

    A Philadelphia man used his skills as an advertising executive to devise a rather unique way of getting back his stolen laptop.

    Kurt Shore was about to pull out of the parking lot of his Manayunk office back in early November when he realized he had forgotten something inside.

    Jetting back into the office for just a minute, Shore came back to find his MacBook computer stolen from the car.

    Surveillance video captured the robbery on tape, showing a man breaking into the car seconds after Shore went back inside.

    For Shore, the stolen computer was more than just a simple piece of hardware.

    “It’s not the computer, its the kid’s pictures, its all the personal stuff,” he said.

    Refusing to take the theft lying down, Shore devised a campaign to find the missing notebook.

    First, he posted the surveillance video to on the Philly-based website with hopes of getting attention for his cause.

    The same video also went to YouTube, announcing a reward of an ounce of marijuana.

    He then printed and posted posters offering a “fabulous drug stash” to whoever returned the computer.

    For those concerned with the legality of the whole thing, Shore isn’t actually offering drugs. The bottom of the poster reads “Actual reward may vary.”

    The computer has yet to be recovered and authorities are still searching for leads, but Shore has “high” hopes that the bold offer will be enough to get his prized possession back.

    “I’m just hopeful that somebody will see this and maybe it’s a two-bit thief that tried to sell a computer to a college student,” said Shore.

    “Maybe that person will see this and feel guilty enough and come back.”