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Kidney Donor Connection Made in South Jersey After Misplaced Craigslist Ad



    Misplaced Craigslist Ad Helps Man Save Womans Life

    A woman will receive a new kidney thanks to a kindhearted New Jersey man and a misplaced Craigslist ad. (Published Sunday, Nov. 22, 2015)

    A New Jersey man who lost his wife to kidney failure is now preparing to donate his kidney to another woman thanks to an ad that was posted in the wrong section of Craigslist.

    Glenn Calderbank, a contractor, told NBC10 Philadelphia he was searching on Craigslist for construction materials for a job when he suddenly found an ad from Nina Saria, of Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, and her husband. Nina is suffering from kidney failure because of an autoimmune disease. While she is seeking a kidney donor, her ad was mistakenly posted to the section that Calderbank was looking at.

    "I was just strolling down and all of a sudden an ad hit me that said, 'looking for a kidney donor,'" Calderbank said. "And then I responded back and said, 'I'd like to tell you a story.'"

    Calderbank lost his wife Jessica to kidney failure four years ago. Calderbank said he also posted wanted ads in the newspaper before his wife's death but never found a match. Because of this, Calderbank instantly related to Nina's husband.

    "I know how helpless he feels," Calderbank said. "There's nothing he can do except ask for help like I did. But we didn't get it and I'm in a position to give it." 

    Calderbank met Nina in person and the two discovered that their blood type matched. Calderbank doesn't believe his meeting with Nina was mere luck.

    "I felt that Jessica wanted me to see it," he said. "I really think that I was supposed to see that ad. I don't know if you want to call it an angel, or karma or faith, everybody's got a different word for it. I didn't see it by accident."

    The surgery is set to take place on Dec. 1. A GoFundMe page was created to raise money for post-surgery care.