9mm Bullets Found in Philly Elementary School

An elementary school student found nearly 3 dozen bullets on the floor of her West Philadelphia classroom.

Nearly a week later, police don't know who they belong to or how they got there.

The 5th grader found the bag of 9mm bullets on the floor of her classroom at James Rhoads Elementary school at 50th and Parrish streets on Oct. 13, according to a spokeswoman for the school district.

After seeing what was in the bag, the student told her teacher and the school then notified police.

"It's scary. It's scary," said Crysta Reese whose daughter is a 5th grader at the school. "Wherever those bullets are coming from, it makes you wonder if there's a gun. You just don't know."

A spokesman told NBC10 students have brought guns and other dangerous items to the school in the past. While police are investigating the latest incident, school administrators are asking parents to have conversations with their children about gun safety.

"Where there is a bullet there's a gun," said Philadelphia School District spokesman Fernando Gallard. "So when bullets are easy to access, there might be a gun that is easy to access." 

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