$75K Settlement for Woman Hit by Officer

After the officer in the video was found not guilty of assault, Aida Guzman filed a civil suit against Philadelphia

Aida Guzman has settled with the city of Philadelphia for $75,000. Her attorney, Enrique Latoison, informed NBC10 of the settlement decision tonight.

Guzman was hit by a veteran Philadelphia Police officer Jonathan Josey, at the Festival de la Americas following the Philadelphia Puerto Rican Day Parade on Sept. 30.

The entire incident was captured on cell phone video, that received more than 1.5 million views on YouTube.

The incident happened near 5th and Lehigh Streets in North Philadelphia, after the parade on the Parkway. Parade organizers say they had nothing to do with the North Philadelphia event.

Officials say Aida Guzman of Chester was spraying silly string at officers involved in a traffic stop when she was hit by Josey. Her face was bleeding as officers took her away.

Guzman was cited for disorderly conduct but the charge was subsequently dropped.

Lt. Josey was found not guilty of assault back in February, after a judge said the video "didn't tell the whole story."

"We're pleased with the settlement," said Guzman's lawyer, Enrique Latoison. "I think it really shows she was the victim in this case. You don't pay someone $75,000 unless you think she was a victim."

Latoison also says that Josey has never apologized for the incident and therefore his client has never forgiven him.

"She's always wanted a sincere apology that acknowledges that he lost his temper and punched her," said Latoison. "But he's always said it was an accident and that he didn't mean to punch her. If you can't apologize or acknowledge the mistakes that you make than you can't move past them, moving forward in the future." 

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