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$700,000 Robbers Hit Jackpot in South Philly

Robbers literally ran away with stash of cash.



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    Robbers ran off with $700,000 from a South Philly check cashing store. They held up an armored car driver Friday morning.

    The FBI released surveillance video of the jackpot job by two robbers in South Philadelphia Friday morning.

    The bad guys made off with approximately $700,000 dollars after holding up an armored car driver in South Philadelphia, according to police. 

    People on the scene told the cops that one guy with a gun went into Whitman Check Cashing on S. Randolph Street this morning, a little after 9.  He held up the driver inside the store.

    Two guys -- the gunman and a second suspect -- made their getaway on foot.  They fled with quite a stash of cash. About $700,000.

    Surveillance Video From $700,000 Robbery

    [PHI] Surveillance Video From $700,000 Robbery
    A pair of armed robbers is on the lam tonight. The FBI sent out surveillance video late Friday of the two men who got away with approximately $700,000 after their morning hit on a South Philly check-cashing store.
    (Published Friday, Nov. 14, 2008)