90-Plus Candidates Running for Office in Pennsylvania Midterm Elections

With just hours left to file paperwork, more than 90 potential candidates have already declared their intentions to run in Pennsylvania's increasingly crowded midterm election.

Democratic primary fields are particularly congested in the Montgomery County-based 4th District, the Delaware County-based 5th District and the Allentown-based 7th District.

In Delco alone, at least 13 Democrats and two Republicans are running for Congress. Click here to see the list.

Pennsylvania has its most open seats in decades and more competitive districts after the state Supreme Court redrew a map that it ruled had been unconstitutionally gerrymandered by Republicans.

That map has been fraught with controversy since it was unveiled earlier this year.

State and national Republican lawmakers wasted no time mounting coordinated attacks against the map in various courts, including the U.S. and Pennsylvania supreme courts. 

On Monday, those voices were presumably stifled when the U.S. high court and a panel of three federal judges ruled against efforts to block the new map from taking effect. 

The federal judges' decision comes in a case brought a month ago by eight sitting Republican congressmen and two GOP state senators. They argued the state justices infringed on the Legislature's prerogative and did not give lawmakers enough time to come up with a replacement.

In addition to the lawsuits, Pennsylvania House Republicans also introduced several resolutions to impeach the Democratic justices who implemented the map. They are accused of "misbehavior in office" by signing an "order that blatantly and clearly contradicts the plain language of the Pennsylvania Constitution."

On Tuesday, 12 Republican state legislators signed those resolutions. 

The resolutions seek impeachment of justices David Wecht, Debra Todd, Christine Donohue and Kevin Dougherty.

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