6 Children, 4 Teens Tied to ‘Dungeon’ Case

Police said two of the children belong to one of the four "dungeon" victims.

There are disturbing new developments in the case of four mentally challenged adults held captive in a small, squalid basement room of a Tacony apartment building.

Philadelphia Police on Tuesday took into custody six children and four adults.  Police said all were connected in some way to the suspects charged in the case.

Linda Weston, Eddie Wright and Gregory Thomas are charged with imprisoning the four disabled adults in order to get control of their Social Security disability checks.

Police said they suspect two of the children they picked up Tuesday belong to 29-year old Tamara Breeden.  She is one of the basement "dungeon" victims.

Among the teens is Beatrice Weston, the 19-year old niece of Linda Weston-- who police describe as the alleged ringleader of the operation.

Beatrice Weston has been missing since 2009, and police said she is severely malnourished.

Authorities also confiscated a silver SUV with Florida plates that they say the ring used to transport the victims.


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