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Spoon-Wielding Zach is Back!



    Zachary Christie talks about how excited he is to be allowed back in school. The 6-year-old was suspended for bringing in a fancy eating utensil that administrators deemed dangerous. (Published Thursday, Oct. 15, 2009)

    Six-year-old Zachary Christie went back to class Wednesday with a smile bigger than his backpack.

    "It's just that I'm really anxious to see what happens once I get inside the school!"

    In a week's time, he'd been punished, educated and finally vindicated. The Boy Scout was now a pint-sized champion for how some zero-tolerance policies can get ridiculous. He was eager to pass along a little advice:

    "Before taking something new into school, always ask a parent."

    Zach was suspended and ordered to spend 45 days at an alternative school for troublemakers when he brought his Swiss Army-style camping utensil to school – complete with spoon, fork and unfortunately, a knife.

    “I had absolutely no idea this was gonna’ happen,” Zachary told the TODAY Show. “I wasn’t thinking about this. I was thinking about having lunch with it!”

    After more than 1,000 angry phone calls, the school board decided Tuesday night to revisit its zero-tolerance policy and to let Zach return to Downes Elementary School in Bear, Del.

    "I'm gonna tell all the kids what happened, tell 'em what we all learned from this," Zach said on his way into school. He also wants to set the record straight on one thing in particular, "I wasn't on vacation, I was at home, first of all!"

    Zach is back and ready to take on the world…at least until recess.

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