51-Year-Old Mom Beats, Robs Local Teen: Cops

The woman and three others stole the 18-year-old's sneakers and pants, according to The Morning Call.

Allentown police say that a 51-year-old mother and three accomplices assaulted and robbed a teenager of his pants and sneakers on Thursday night, reports The Morning Call.

According to the paper, Lillian Torres, 51, Junior J. Lazo, 24 and Pedro Garcia, 18 and a 15-year-old approached an the 18-year-old victim just before 8 p.m.

The victim was threatened with both a knife and baseball bat by Torres and Lazo. Lazo told him to leave before he got beat up, investigators told The Morning Call.

The victim tried to get away, but his attackers followed him and beat him up -- stealing his Nikes and his pants. They also took his ID, reports the paper. While assaulting the teen, Torres told him he deserved the beating for setting up her son.

The attack happened at the corner of S. Madison and W. Maple Streets.

The paper says the bloody teen was able to get the attention of an Allentown police officer a few blocks away from the attack.

Police were able to locate the group of attackers who were arrested and sent to Lehigh County Prison. The 15-year-old was sent to the Lehigh County Juvenile Detention Center.

The victim was taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries, according to The Call

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