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50 Kids Rounded Up in Curfew Crackdown



    Curfew Crackdown

    Police rounded up around 50 kids Friday night for violating the curfew law. (Published Saturday, Aug. 13, 2011)

    Police say that 50 minors were picked up Friday night in Philly for violating the city's new curfew law.

    A 9 p.m. curfew for anyone under the age of 18 began in the city.

    It's part of an effort from Philadelphia Police to prevent teen mobs and the vandalism and violence that has come with them,

    The curfew applies to Center City from Bainbridge Street to Vine Street and from the Delaware River to the Schuylkill River. In University City the borders are between 38th and 43rd streets and Market Street to Baltimore Avenue.

    The teen mobs that have been popping up sporadically throughout the city for almost a year have residents on edge. Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey's force patrolled Center City on Friday.

    "We need to stabilize the situation but I hope what it does for kids that aren't involved in this sort of thing is that they apply peer pressure to those that are," said Ramsey. "The reason they're impacted is because of the few that are out there causing problems." 

    Not everyone thinks that this is fair however, especially parents and family members of the kids who were rounded up on Friday.

    Curfew Starts in Philly

    [PHI] Curfew Starts in Philly
    NBC 10's Monique Braxton reports from Center City, where a curfew will be put into effect in an attempt to curb violence.
    (Published Friday, Aug. 12, 2011)

    "I could see if she was one of the kids out here flash mobbing or getting into trouble, smoking and drinking and all that extra stuff," said one parent. "But no, she's a straight A student."

    The parents, who picked up their kids from the 3rd District, say that they weren't aware of the no tolerance curfew and criticized the policy for punishing all teens.

    "This whole curfew influence on the city thing grips up the good kids instead of the bad kids."

    Many residents agree with the city's actions however, saying a drastic move was necessary to calm fears and stop the violence.

    "I think their parents should make sure that all the kids are home at a certain time," said Carmella Smith.

    "They should just pack up their stuff and go home," said Keith Williams. "Play a game, read a book, do something else. This is pointless."