360 View of Blue Cross Broad Street Run Landmarks

Take a special 360 view of the landmarks along the Blue Cross Broad Street Run race course.

Albert Einstein Medical Center

Just after the start of the race is the Albert Einstein Medical Center. Take a look around before you run and be ready for this first landmark on your run.

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Divine Lorraine Hotel

on mile 5, don’t miss the Diving Lorraine hotel that has recently undergone a renaissance.

On mile 5, don't miss the Divine Lorraine Hotel, one of Philadelphia's most distinguished buildings. It marks the half-way point of the race.

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City Hall

Don’t miss William Penn high atop City Hall as you run by possibly the most iconic landmark along the race.

Look up to see William Penn cheering you on from high a-top City Hall as you pass by.

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Academy of Music

The Blue Cross Broad Street Run is the nation’s largest 10-miler. don’t miss the historic Academy of Music as you pass by.

After you pass City Hall, look for the bronze gas lamps and you'll know you are passing by the Academy of Music. It's the nation's oldest continuously operating Opera House.

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Walt Whitman Statue

At mile 9 in South Philly, you’ll know you’re almost finished when you pass by this 10-foot tall stature of Walt Whitman.

At mile 9 in south Philly, look for another historic figure cheering you on. The statue of Walt Whitman stands 10 feet tall.

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Navy Yard

Once you see the iconic entrance to the Navy Yard, you're in the home stretch! Congratulations on finishing the Blue Cross Broad Street Run.

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