Reward Jumps to $4,500 in Unexplained Murder of Samuel Algarin in Chester County Town

Algarin was found about an hour after he had been with his children at a jiu jitsu class.

Two days after a young man was found dead on the side of a road in a rural Chester County town, apparently murdered, the auto dealer where he worked his entire adult life offered a reward Saturday.

By Monday, it had jumped to $4,500.

Samuel Algarin, of Quarryville, was found Thursday night along Limestone Road in West Fallowfield, but his sports utility vehicle remains missing, authorities said.

The 31-year-old worked at Jeff D'Ambrosio Chevrolet in Oxford Township since he was 18 years old, according to Matt Combs, a friend and service director at the dealership.

He was a great young man and well-liked by his co-workers, Combs said Saturday.

"It's a complete and utter shock," Combs said. "There has been no reason given behind it what so ever."

Detectives with the Chester County District Attorney's office are aiding the small town police chief in tracking down clues as to what exactly happened.

Investigators have yet to release details, but one source said it appeared that Algarin suffered "two entry wounds to his chest."

"This is a very active investigation," Chief Charles "Smoke" Wilmont said in a release Friday. "We would appreciate the public’s help in tracking down this killer."

Combs reiterated what police had confirmed: Algarin was found a very short time after his mother and two children dropped him off at his car at a nearby Starbucks.

Leading up to his murder, Algarin and his mother had taken his children to a jiu jitsu class Thursday night. After the class ended, his mother dropped him off at the Starbucks parking lot where he had left his car, according to Combs. 

That was the last time anyone saw Algarin alive.

Combs described the location where he was found as "the complete opposite direction" of how Algarin should have been headed home.

Anybody with information is encouraged to contact the Chester County Detectives at 610-344-6866.

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